Fair Blue is nestled in a secluded area of North Wilmington, and is a true hidden gem offering one of the best maintained properties of all of the area’s neighborhood pools. Our club is located at the end of Fair Blue Lane, just off Grubb Road, behind Fair Woods, Chalfonte & Foulk Woods on just over 6 acres of wooded land. We have an up to date pool house with clean locker rooms and showers and a snack shack. Within the fenced area sits a six lane pool with diving well, sand volleyball court, playground with swings and play structure, picnic area with gas grills and tables and plenty of lounge chairs to relax on. Our baby pool (one of the largest in the area) is self contained with another fence, keeping your little ones safe.

Both pools have modern circulation and filtration systems. Fair Blue has lots of recreational equipment including basketball, gnip gnop, tetherball, volleyball and other games. Adult swim time (15 minutes) at top of the hour on crowded days along with lap swimming on the weekends from 11 a.m. to 12 noon makes it fun for parents as well as kids.

2017 Swim 

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+1.302.475.8133 (Summer)
+1.302.409.0454 (Off Season)

2005 Fairblue Lane, Wilmington, DE, United States

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May 27 - 29                11am - 7pm

Weekdays (prior to June 12th) 

                                     3pm - 8pm

Weekends                  11am - 9pm  

Weekdays (starting June 12) 

                                    12pm - 9pm

Baby Pool Only         10am - 9pm

July 17 - Sept 4          10am (Baby pool only)

Weekdays                    11am - 9pm

Weekends                    11am - 9pm

Lap Swim (1/2 pool)    11am - 12pm

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