Fair Blue Flyers Swim Team is known for its teamwork, fun, and competition.  Encourage your children to give it a try.  Swim team is a great way to make new friends during the summer.

       Team FUNdamentals!!!

1. Flyers Have Fun!

2. Every Flyer Swims!

3. Flyers are GOOD SPORTS!

4. Flyers are all winners! 

fair blue flyers swim team

+1.302.475.8133 (Summer)
+1.302.409.0454 (Off Season)

2005 Fairblue Lane, Wilmington, DE, United States

Swimmer Eligibility
All associate members 18&U by June 1, 2021 and who have passed the Fair Blue Safety test, are eligible to join the club swim team. Members who would like to participate should complete the swim team online registration that will be sent to all Fair Blue Bondholders separately.  Additionally, please complete the Swimmer Eligibility Form below.  The form will need to be submitted by June 1st.  Swimmers may only compete in one Summer Recreational League in accordance with North Brandywine Swim League (NBSL) regulations. Eligibility forms are due by June 1st. 

​Despite whether you are a returning swimmer or a new one, EVERY swimmer MUST complete an online eligibility form to compete this season.  There will be NO paper forms exchanged - it is all online and very streamlined.  Here is the link for the forms.

In order to make our meets run, we rely heavily on parent volunteers, as with all kids' sports!  Several key roles that we must fill include: 

1.    starter/referee (This is the same person) - 1 for each home meet 
2.    stroke/turn judge - We need 1 for each meet.
3.    place judges - We need 1 for each meet.
4.    timers - We need 3 timers for each meet and one head timer for each home meet.
5.    ribbon writers - We need 1-2 per meet (This job is flexible and may not necessarily have to take place at the meet.) 
6.    wranglers - We need 2 volunteers for the age groups 6U, 8U and 10U - one for the girls and one for the boys.  
7.    announcer - We need one for each home meet.
8.    bullpen - We need 1-2 for each meet.
9.    parking - We need 2 for each home meet. 
10.  snack bar - We need 3-4 for each home meet.

​Swim team members- Please do not park on FairBlue Lane for swim meets. Thank you. 


2021 activity schedule

Parent Meeting June 2nd at Fair Blue at 6:30.

June 22 Crestview @ FairBlue HOME

June 24 FairBlue@ River Road

June 29 FairBlue@ Del Vets

July 6 FairBlue @ Timberlane

July 8 Shellcrest @ FairBlue HOME


June 1-4, 7-11th and 14-16th - practices will be held in the afternoons in two sessions. 

  • 4-5 pm for the 6U, 8U, and 10U 
  • 5-6 pm for the 12U, 14U, and 18U

Beginning the week of June 17, we will begin morning practices. We will run 4 practice sessions beginning 8am and ending at 11:30am. The following age groups and times will practice:

8-9 am 14Us and 18Us
9-10 am 10Us and 12Us
10-11 8Us
11-11:30 6s (**Note that the coaching staff will plan to be working with the kids in the water as much as possible.)

Please note that in order for your child to participate on the swim team he or she MUST be able to get across the pool without assistance and without holding onto the side or lane line. If your child is close to reaching those milestones but not quite there we encourage you to enroll him or her in swim lessons which will be organized through the pool lifeguards - look for more info on the pool bulletin board. We are happy to have anyone join the team after the season begins if they reach these milestones

Team Photograph Thursday June 24th @ 8am at the pool.

To sign up for swim team:

  • go to your esoftplanner.com membership log in.
  • Select the membership icon tab at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of page to elect your swim team registration options/payments.